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About Destination Drivers

About Destination Drivers
Destination Drivers was created in 2010 to provide safe, affordable, first class private wine tour experiences and is proud to have served almost 40,000 guests with all five star reviews in Trip Advisor, Facebook and Yelp. We’ll pick you up at your home or hotel, open your doors, introduce you in the wineries, take your photos, carry your purchases, provide complimentary cold water and an optional gourmet cheese box, walk your dogs, keep you safe, and even help you plan your day.

Destination Drivers thinks of and treats every customer as a VIP and it shows in the special experiences we’ve created for you with these tours. We drive your car so you don’t have to and our rates are $40/hour for 1-5 people, $50/ 6-10 people and $60/ 11-14 people.

Ps. Destination Drivers is dog friendly! Clients are welcome to bring their dogs. And if they visit one of the few wineries that are not dog friendly, their drivers are happy to walk them for guests. We’ll even provide you with a “dog for the day” if you wish!

The average tour is 5-6 hours of actual time at the various wineries. That does not include drive time for pickups outside of Lodi or Amador. Destination Drivers has a four hour minimum and no maximum. You will only be charged for the time that you actually use our service, charged in 15 minute increments. We will pick you up at your home or lodging or location of your choice, with enough time to get you to the first winery at approximately 11am, allowing enough time for a relaxing day exploring and enjoying all five of the included wineries, all of whom close by 5 pm.

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