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Purchase our eGift Card and enjoy 10% Off from all of our Local Partner Wineries

Our Partners

Drava Wines
Heritage Oak
Consumnes River Farms
Peltier Winery
m2 Winery

Helwig Winery
Di Stasio Winery
Amador Cellars
Bella Grace Winery
Sentivo Vineyards

Interested in becoming our Partner?


During these challenging times due to covid-19, many companies are struggling to stay afloat because of the implementation of “shelter at home” and social distancing. One of the best solutions to help businesses continue making sales is through gift cards, allowing customers to purchase in advance to help support their favorite business and utilizing the service later on when the pandemic is over. This allows businesses to have guaranteed customers when everything is back to normal, while also generating sales enabling them to keep up with ongoing business expenses.


We would like to partner with you on our eGift card campaign.


We ask our partners to give a 10% discount to customers referred to you by us. These customers will only qualify to get the discount if they purchase our eGift card partners campaign.

We will be partnering with as many wineries as possible for this campaign to give more value to our eGift cards and more reasons for our customers to buy.

We encourage you also to do the same and we will also be providing a 10% discount for referrals from your business for customers that have purchased your gift cards.

If you are interested in becoming part of our eGift card 10% discount campaign, kindly follow the steps below send us an email with your interest for us to include you in our list of partners.


Steps to become our partner:

1. Email us with your interest to become a partner

2. If you would like, Create your 10% discount egift card in square

3. Promoting the campaign daily on your social media and your email list

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